About Lokan Consulting

Lokan Consulting was created to provide businesses with the tools for success.  Striving to be a trusted partner across organisations, we work with our clients to help them achieve their strategic objectives through strengthening performance, enhancing engagement and improving relationships.  We provide valued solutions and tailored services, using a flexible and evidence-based approach.  Drawing on reliable methods, we apply the principles of psychology into the workplace so you can be confident that our services are grounded in techniques that have been researched, developed and strengthened over time.



About Hayley Lokan

Hayley Lokan is an Industrial and Organisational Psychologist and founder of Lokan Consulting.  Her experience comes from a combination of psychology, human resources and recruitment work.  Hayley has been consulting to a diverse range of industries in her role as an IO Psychologist for many years, assisting businesses to become more productive and effective through her work with individuals, teams and organisations as a whole.  Prior to this, Hayley was responsible for managing a national account, providing end to end recruitment and human resources services including implementing employee retention strategies, performance development processes, redundancy discussions and large scale recruitment drives.

Hayley has worked extensively throughout local and state Government bodies, as well as private enterprise and small business.  She understands the importance of tailoring solutions to each individual client and has worked collaboratively with her clients to ensure that their needs are met through the delivery of relevant, reliable and valuable advice and support.  Hayley provides her clients with the necessary tools and information so they can take a more active role in implementing strategies and initiatives on a continual basis.